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The long list of people associated with developing an organization like the EYCA stretches back several years.  At the very least, it goes back to those many hands and volunteers who generously donated their time and efforts toward creating a city-wide Junior Interclub Program that at first included the Crestwood, Ellerslie, Sherwood Park, and Thistle curling clubs, and eventually grew to include the Beaumont, Leduc, Shamrock, and St. Albert curling clubs.

Given both the successes and challenges experienced by this Junior Interclub Program, a Steering Committee was struck in April of 2017 to explore the viability of starting up a city-wide junior curling association along the lines of what the Calgary Youth Curling Association (CYCA) has been offering to their junior curlers for the last three decades.

This "EYCA Steering Committee" is today composed of the following people: Greg Empey (NACA), Dana Ferguson (Saville), Cara Haubrich (Sherwood Park), Beth Iskiw (Ellerslie), Chris McTavish (Shamrock), Heather Nedohin (Sherwood Park), and Shannon Orsini (NACCS).

Working closely with the CYCA, the EYCA Steering Committee was able to put together a logistical plan for success and financial sustainability.  The EYCA Steering Committee approached the N.A.C.C.S. with its plan and the N.A.C.C.S. generously agreed to support the EYCA during its start-up years as the EYCA works toward financial self-sustainability in the years ahead.

In July of 2017, following the lead of the CYCA, the EYCA Steering Committee hired an "EYCA Adminsitrator" to principally organize, co-ordinate, and administer the operational activities of the EYCA.  After reviewing a number of strong applications, the Steering Committee was pleased to welcome Candace Young to its team as the EYCA Administrator for the 2017-18 curling season. 

Once the groundwork for success has been fully prepared by the Steering Committee, the EYCA will be governed by a Board of Directors and operated by an Administrator, with a network of assistance from parents, volunteers, curling clubs, junior program coordinators, curling associations, and sponsors.

To learn more about the EYCA please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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